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the numbers that were coming in did not match up with what was coming in from the exit polls and it didn't make any sense it just didn't make any sense and late in the evening six states that exit polls showed were going to kerry suddenly veered off to bush. then became the tipping point of the entire national election one guy who was reporting on the ground in ohio from day one was attorney bob for traces of the columbus free press bob the trick is cliff are back became the legal team suing for a recount in ohio taking on ohio's secretary of state jake kenneth blackwell who also happened to be co-chair for the bush cheney campaign in ohio let me just remind you of a few of the facts. ken blackwell called it a model lection. but we're trying to figure out what is was he talking it was a lean these first clue yeah some said there was not
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a single act of your regularity and investigative reporter that's true there were tens of thousands of acts of irregularities in a single precinct in ohio a total of six hundred thirty eight ballots were cast on election day bush received over four thousand of them. twenty four point nine three percent of all the voters in cleveland were purged a city that went eighty three percent for kerry. seven thousand voters lost their right to vote in the inner city of toledo. because the the bolt opted scan machines froze up warren county as the last county in ohio to come in with their vote totals and they locked down the place where they're counting the votes and they want to allow any witnesses in any media and they say because of the homeland security threat and yet the next day we checked with homeland security and they say we never spoke to anyone in ohio john kerry didn't fight was he hiding out being
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low king one of his attorneys told me he wants to remain viable in two thousand and eight. i want if there is an investigation. congressman conyers ohio. to make his report on what has gone wrong in the old four presidential election he's one of the most respected members he's the democratic leader of the judiciary committee and they do a great job what happened in ohio. corruption a very great skill. in mr blackwell secretary of state of ohio does anybody here think that john kerry should become the president. but i have yet to see any proof. that anything. my
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blog because the. mainstream media was not doing their job i was seeing things that needed to pee reported and talked about i talked about them and people started to take notice including the mainstream media washington post and so forth who would. reporting but wouldn't do it themselves and still are not doing it. will. of the two thousand and four election because at this point the votes in ohio counted. not even once the same kind of crime. epic to stop the black vote that was exposed in florida i know for a took place in georgia and probably all across the south i'm in tennessee to attend a national conference on election fraud. when curtis is the. blower from florida
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and yes he's going to show how you can be back in the city. if you have no boat you have no civil rights in two thousand i was working for yang enterprises which was a company in obio florida and there are cheap lobbyist their corporate attorney and speaker of the house of florida was tom feeney and he was there to feed us contractors so he came in one day my one of my first introductions to him and he wanted us to build a boat being software when a vote fraud system to be built he wanted a program that could flip the votes without anyone seeing it he wanted it to be able to be run on a touch screen machine in other words hidden buttons on the screen or something like that no keyboard no no guy in a black mask sitting across the street and poking things then no just walk up and
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do something and he wanted the source code to be written in such a way that the manipulation was hidden even if you saw the source code is that possible it's not possible if it's there and someone takes the time to look you can hide it so i told him right up front that as long as you can see the source code you can't hide it cannot hide it can't be done and what he said while mrs yang cut me off and said who's mrs mrs yang is the head of the company and she cut me off and said well before some show did you understand he was asking you to do something that was illegal i was a republican i thought tom feeney thought the democrats had something planned ok and he was trying to prevent it so i built it delivered it the next day to her i have a little document all. written up on you know how in order to make sure that you know fraud was found what element you would need right and she cuts me off and says you don't understand in order to get the contract we need to hide the code this is
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for flipping vote in south florida this is the same timeframe who as speaker of the house in two thousand claimed no matter what the supreme court said he was going to give the electors to george w. bush yes that's the guy the same tom feeney as i understand it who was jeb bush's running mates for governor back in ninety four when jobs lost by the way yes so feeney did him no good they're no good at that time that they were and so he was basically feeding of contracts and saying you know can we do this can we do that you know ok i was kind of the technology supervisor if we could do it then i would tell him and we could run whatever you know a little test pattern they wanted for a job was already governor at that point yes two thousand there was a governor when i was contacted by i said well would you be willing to put this into an affidavit a sworn affidavit since a lot of the stuff off the bat is is still difficult to prove especially that
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nugget of that meeting with tom feeney and the vote rigging software is still largely a he said he said story under center six two thousand and four clint curtis filed an affidavit with congress alleging that one of their members tom feeney of florida had asked him to create vote rigging software and he asked you to design a to see to design a code to rig an election yes while he was speaker of the florida house yes. yang's attorney quickly released a statement claiming that mr curtis's allegations are categorically false and that clint curtis is a described old former employee i have heard clint you were a disgruntled employee well yeah and that's why you've been making these claims that was their original excuse until i produced and i think it's gone you're blogging the new card which they gave me which said you know come back any time the door will always be open this with gangs of the old the actual owner mrs yang as
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you wrote that. i'm wondering if this is yang is available this is bradford. any idea when she might be available in work on a story or. is there a spokesperson for the company that might be able to questions. hello. this meeting with tom feeney where he asked you to create which is what is essentially vote rigging software. voting machines tom feeney is in the room you're in the room mrs yang the c.e.o. is in the room anybody else in the room like cohen who is my cone like cohen was the executive secretary for mrs yang he space the note taker my cohen the executive secretary for mrs yang whom curtis claimed was at the vote rigging meeting told a reporter from wired that the meeting never took place if they really tried to put
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out a program to do vote fraud right the minute they checked the source code they'd see it sounds like you presumed that these counties the states and so forth would examine the source code before was actually used in an election correct well yeah but they do not correct that's what i heard what did you think when you heard that that. i should tell people what's going on what he wanted was a program that would flip about and this is what i produced basically it looks like that. you've compiled a essentially a prototype program just show how somebody could in fact if they wanted to use the touch screen so look for the correct this is a little garbage program i wrote for feeney you don't see the actual vote count so you walk up who went up for him kerry is winning a little bit ok you come in and you vote for bush to vote for bush you know.
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always add by one vote for kerry for kerry so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time pretty simple but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons he can flip a vote that he did. so the whole boto has changed. you can have twenty people standing behind his back while he's poking his screen and you never sought. out fifty one forty nine orgon. because it's under the thumb of the recall. close enough you'll have a recall when i actually wrote it it wasn't bush kerry it was cat and dog i think. i think the voting should still be done on paper because it's way too easy to manipulate computers jesse jackson and i were on a speakerphone mr kerry and we told him mr kerry didn't really respond to what we
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said about ohio but he did point out that the off the scans. wherever they used to be in new mexico he lost to a godless of the democratic and went public and registration said it sure seems like they lost everywhere they use those machines why didn't you leave the building with a copy of the source code to prove it had gone because it's so secure it's what you don't do that we have government contracts and nothing is supposed to leave the building it is more difficult to get into the yang offices than it is to get into a government office. yes i was an employee of the department of transportation florida department the florida department of transportation department entered into a contract with yang i believe in january of ninety nine i had. approximately ninety four ninety five did she ever tell you how she came to hire tom feeney she ended it to me that now i hear that he was in politics that they had hired mr
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cheney as search on all counts does that strike you as odd that a company doing business with the state would hire the incoming speaker of the house it struck me as odd that an individual like this in addition to being general counsel for a vendor when also be the registered paid lobbyist for a vendor and mr feeney was both for yang enterprises the nasa contractor yes this is a secure contrary could talk be have to have sort of top secret clearance to have the assume they must have some clearance because in a do. to help them. don't know but he has connections to nasa his wife works there something was slowly going wrong the envoy says from yang began to escalate every time i would reject an invoice and say no this is not what we agreed to here was your authorization that's all you can bill. we'll have to discuss this with our
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general counsel mr tom feeney he's the speaker of the house. so they began using his name trying to intimidate me did you have enough of a concern about it to go to anybody and say hey it just doesn't seem right since he was speaker of the house and a member of the house called the house ethics committee and said you know i was having a problem and there may well be political influence and how did they handle these things and they tell me that. mr feeney was the person who would review it and either accept it for if you are throw it out as being not worthwhile wait a minute and i said i'm complaining about mr feeney and they said we don't have any way to bypass them the way our committee is set up is mr feeney is the one who will evaluate your complaint. for one of our elected politicians to use the power
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of his office. for self. that's not supposed to happen prior to getting introduced afine. they just seemed odd things were odd. yang enterprises was bringing gigabytes of data bases from nasa and then they were handing it over to henry ne who was henry need hindery knee was a little skinny chinese guy that worked there and. he was illegal he was an illegal alien to this day mrs yang i understand that henry need never work to yang enterprises inc one of the reasons you can prove that he was working on a project was the fact that they actually build for him they're sending time sheets to you saying here's who were crying blood and how many hours they worked and so forth one of them was clean curtis one of them was quite current one of them was henry me one of them was henry me. point.
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if you got it every environmental group every group you have just say we're not going to do anything else we're going to make the boat system and we're going to fix it. and you can fix it in two months but you've got to be in everything else for those months and not save the whales and not do anything else. that problem because if you don't fix our problem nothing else you want to do will matter. thank you i am pleased to follow that liar clint curtis. in case anybody missed it this morning clint curtis passed a lie detector test and it ran in this morning st petersburg times did you have any
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concerns because taking a polygraph test you know i've been trying to quite a while but the opportunity came along for someone who is supposedly you know top line right now in career with department law enforcement so it's a good time to do it what they ask you your day basically we're trying to validate the affidavit that i give the congress the lie detector test that clint curtis took was administered by tim robinson who used to be the chief polygraph examiner for the florida department of law enforcement clint curtis was found to be truthful in all of his responses congressman tom feeney has yet to take his polygraph exam. hari hursti was invited by election supervisor ion san show to test the d. bold accurate optical scan voting machine in leon county florida when curtis said that the program was never used as far as he knows it was a proof of concept is there anything about his concept that from the touch screen systems. there it's impossible for me to say if
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actually you can do it we know all the machines definitely you can do with a deep old both platforms and the presumption here being that nobody gets to look at the source code well indeed i would say i would build it so that if you can find from so even if some of the loops that and that's i mean i wouldn't go without the area canopy but what i don't know if he's a good enough programmer to do it could it be done that you can actually hide it in the source source code well basic cannot be done yeah i found yeah black box voting facilitated a number of hacking demonstrations congresswoman cynthia mckinney was able to witness the vulnerability of a de bold central tabulator first hand with three clicks of a mouse and some instructions from those who know how to do this i was able to hack into the microsoft program that tabulates them both change the election bow and then exit from the program now as i i did
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it and so then that means that i can i know that it can be done. to. collect called me and tell me that he has resigned from yang why were you resigning in the first place. because there are crooked and if there ethically challenged i don't want to be there. i gave him a listing of firms that we did business with and tell him if he were made available through an existing contract i would then be able to contract with him so you went to the florida department of transportation after you left yang enterprises yes correct yeah like an eight million dollar contract was right and they found out i was working there and they went ballistic they start calling all over the place and i need to call them as soon as possible because you might go and. yang is now calling you after you went to work after right they were in the room talking to the mumbling in the background you know and mike was basically the voice coming out of
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this why they're calling him they want to offer me big money to come back at first you know and then when it got to the point of well feeney will find you a different job or we'll give you this million dollars anyway it's like why they offered you a million dollars for me a million dollars just leave. and why didn't you take that because that's not right what did he tell you the offer was for to. keep his mouth shut. so i start talking to mike totally marco on the executive of the night you know and try to find out what's going on you know and basically he told me what was going on you know they had illegal aliens working there you know. and he was a spy they were ripping off you know the whole routine and it turned from you know bribes to you know we're going to have ralph come kill you kind of stuff. and we're
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going to kill you if the sniper was a sniper this is thompson the road he said was the v.p. at one time the v.p. write my call and says to you that ralph is going to come kill you well actually says ralph used to be a sniper and you know you'd never see it coming don't want ralph. this being. you got enough certainly go to the police somebody is just too although then i go through the books i have to have some for evidence because otherwise what books do you know that you would tell them well since i worked in the same department where the billing had come in and i started looking through the contract and they had been over billing for me. for years now they're really like forty hours a week for forever were you working forty hours a week and all that in close we're going to nasa contracts and the exxon mobile contracts and but you're working forty hour weeks essentially and all of that time was being billed to yang even though you were not doing all your own work for they've been billed for a couple of days after i had left them and was working out after so i told maybe
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george alice and she said well we need to go to the attorney general's office you it was jealous yes she went up with me and told the story and i told my part of it and the inspector general was whom right let me what complaints were made with raymond lemmy and proper and voicing on the part of the ng enterprises improper political influence because coming down from tom feeney i see. through my immediate supervisor nelson hill on behalf of young enterprises and the use by yang enterprises of unauthorized alien labor i tell them everything that went on and yet you don't buy the vote rigging software yes you sure yes in their report it looks like you complained about the things that had to do with specifically that's the things that he could touch on and all the other stuff he was supposed to pass onto like the nasa stuff he was passed in nasa and you know it was
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a go they vote rigging stuff he was supposed to pass it out i guess to where it goes they claim that you didn't tell them seems odd doesn't it they know about all the rest in the year two thousand they cut your. of this bill. and the presidential election process there's no doubt in my mind that al gore was elected president. he will see the most votes nationwide and not get it he also received the most votes and for as long as we cannot express ourselves at the ballot box. with al gore getting so many more popular votes than bush in two thousand well in a normal country that would be the election and we should arrange our elections really weird when. it's back to an eighteenth century. trick. voter fraud is not a problem in this country election fraud is
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a huge problem voter fraud. you know it's something that the bad guys like to put out there as if it's a problem in fact for example league of women voters did a study of the last two national elections in ohio and found that nine over nine million votes cast there was exactly four cases of voter fraud that was discovered it's not the people it's the voting machine companies who are running these elections with secret software who are privatizing it it's the congressmen and the senators and the state officials who are allowing them to do so there's nothing quite so hot as a joint just some. but guess what. she's bringing down to me. now i wonder if i was the last or yes secretary of state cathy katsu wants to be the next governor of georgia the first woman governor of georgia asked the question how did the machines perform in me.
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if she had just asked that simple question we would have had an alternative to the diebold machines but then by that time of course she had already allowed babbo to place her photograph. and let's see all of the state of georgia on very promotional materials so she had become the way to head to this particular system which i think kind of is a conflict of interest. but also elections were stolen thank you were you do you think the election was the absolute.
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an. fires continue to rage across russia leaving dozens of people killing dozens of people rather and leaving thousands of people without everything cold tell them struggling to this reason talk six small. sound to see every member of the hundreds killed in military conflict was georgia two years after tbilisi shelled the sleeping republic leaving its capital in ruins. plus for the first time in the sixty five years since an atomic bomb devastated the roshan american sands an animal way to the memorial service but offers to hand no apology.
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it watching r.t. coming to life from moscow a.t.m. here and the sunday morning we take a look at the stores that shape the week as well as the latest news stories dangerous levels of pollution disrupted flights and a blanket of smog over moscow staying the eyes and sticking in the throat the forest and peat fires caused by a record breaking heat wave across central russia are making a life for millions of misery fifty people are confirmed dead half a million have been injured many more have lost their homes or you know across lives spawning corpus cut off those in the badly affected region good morning to you gore well yesterday was a very difficult day for a lot of people as the air was accurate and people literally struggle to breathe so what can you tell us about the breathing conditions outside this morning. where you know good morning and the situation is still very difficult it's really hard to
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breathe as you can see you have my own gas mask and i can tell you i'm definitely going to use it as soon as we're done with this report the visibility is very poor you can only see. several hundred meters away in front of you and i'm standing now just around a dozen kilometers away from moscow and i just returned just came from the city center i can tell you the situation there is not much better this is the remains of what used to be a village you can see it's all destroyed by the fire and unfortunately this is quite a common sight for many places in russia now enough dorothy's are giving out some really frightening frightening numbers like that seventeen regions have now been affected by these fires seven of them have declared a state of emergency including moscow region and they say that at the moment there are over eight hundred and fifty raging fires including peat fires which are among the most tricky once this.


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